Cheap Term Life Insurance with No Exam

Regardless of your age or your current state of health, life insurance is a necessity. You never know when a tragedy could strike, and being properly prepared will help ensure that your family members don’t have to carry the burden of your burial costs, medical bills and other final expenses. Now is the time to start shopping for a life insurance policy, if you haven’t already, even if your budget is tight.  If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you might fear that you can’t afford life insurance. A tight budget is no excuse not to have coverage, however, and there are cheap term life insurance companies out there that can help you get the policy that you need without breaking your budget.  Different people have different situations and needs, and what works for a family member or neighbor might not work for you. Depending on your health, age, budget and other factors, there might be certain things that you need to look for to find a reasonably-priced policy. Luckily, following these tips and working with the right agent can help you find the life insurance policy that you need.

What Do Cheap Term Life Insurance Companies Offer?

You probably know that there are several different types of life insurance policies out there for you to choose from. One popular choice is whole life insurance. This type of policy has a long list of benefits, but it can be a bit more costly for some insurance shoppers. Term life insurance is another popular choice, and it can be a much more affordable option for many people. There are many strong companies out there that offer this type of insurance; for example, you might want to check rates and policies for companies like Banner Life, Genworth Life and Metlife Life. These companies do require medical exams, but they are also competitively priced, offer high face values for many policies and are highly trusted and respected due to top financial ratings and lower-priced premiums.

Here are a few things to think about if you are interested in cheap term life insurance:

  • If you are looking for cheap term life insurance for smokers, you should know that your choices are slightly limited. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find coverage that you can afford, however. Instead, you should look for companies that somewhat specialize in working with tobacco users, and obtain multiple quotes to make sure that you aren’t paying too much. Transamerica Life Insurance Company and Banner Life are two popular companies that offer cheaper rates for smokers, so you may want to look at prices between the two companies to get the best policy. If you are only an occasional tobacco user, such as if you use chewing tobacco or puff on a cigar every now and then, you may find that a company like Prudential Life will cut you a break on the price of your policy.
  • Cheap term life insurance for seniors is available, but you will probably need to undergo a medical exam. If you are between the ages of 50 and 70, you might be able to get a really good term life policy if you are in pretty good health. You will, however, be required to undergo an exam, and your rates will be based on your health.
  • Cheap term life insurance for diabetics can be difficult to find, even if you are in otherwise good health. Unfortunately, most term life insurance policies are pretty costly if you have diabetes.  There are a few companies that will take a look at your total health picture before making an offer, but it is best to consult an agent to ensure your information is being submitted to the best suited company.
  • To get the best cheap term life insurance quotes, it is best to shop while you are still young and healthy. This will allow you to score the best rates, and choosing a policy term that will hopefully expire while you still qualify for reasonable rates is also smart. If you have waited too long to shop for life insurance, however, working with the right company and shopping for multiple rates is another good way to save. You shouldn’t settle for the first company that offers you insurance; instead, you should compare prices and policies from different providers to score the best deal.

What is No Exam Life Insurance?

Many life insurance providers require medical exams before offering rates and policy information. This is because rates are determined based on your age, health and other factors. This can be bad news for those who have health-related issues, but it is possible to get a policy without undergoing one of these exams. Unfortunately, you can expect to pay slightly inflated rates or be limited to policies with lower face values if you bypass the medical exam.  Also, your choices won’t be as vast since many companies do require these exams. Luckily, there are some great options out there for you; for example, many people find that Assurity Life and Fidelity Life Association offer excellent policies that suit their needs without requiring more than a short telephone interview.

These are some tips for shopping for no exam life insurance:

  • If you are a tobacco user, you may want to look for no exam life insurance for smokers. If you have to undergo an exam, the underwriting process can be longer and stricter, and it can take more time for you to get the policy that you need. Although your choices will be somewhat limited, there are companies out there that will offer you life insurance without requiring this exam. Fidelity Life Association and Assurity Life Insurance Company both offer no exam insurance for smokers. Of the two, Assurity might be the cheaper option, but it pays to get a quote from both companies. Fidelity offers up to $300,000 worth of insurance for smokers who are 45 or younger, and Assurity offers between $50,000 and $350,000 worth of insurance.
  • Finding no exam life insurance for diabetics isn’t easy, and diabetics generally have a more difficult time securing affordable life insurance than many other groups. However, you can opt for a small whole life insurance policy if you are a diabetic. Aetna and American Memorial offer whole life insurance policies with no exams for many diabetics, but your face value will probably only range from $5,000 to a maximum of $50,000. You do need to look at certain factors about your diabetes when shopping for your policy; for example, is your diabetes well-controlled, or do you require 40 or more units of insulin each day? Have you lost a limb or suffered from insulin shock? If you have Type 2 diabetes and control your disease with oral medication or diet control, you shouldn’t have a hard time securing a policy.
  • No exam life insurance for seniors can be beneficial for many reasons. If you have mild to moderate health issues or simply don’t want to go through the hassle of an exam, you can find life insurance. If your health is pretty good, you can go through a company like Fidelity Life for term life insurance with no medical exam if you are 75 or younger. Seniors between the ages of 40 and 80 can typically secure a whole life insurance policy with a small face value between $5,000 and $35,000 without having to go through an exam. You can also look into burial insurance if you are on a tight budget, don’t require a policy with a high face value and only want to answer a few health-related questions.
  • If you are young and healthy and would still like to find no exam life insurance quotes online, you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding a policy. You do have to understand that companies that don’t require an exam typically offer lower face values, but you can still get an adequate policy. Using a search engine such as ours is a great way to compare policies and prices until you find the one that is right for you. Keep in mind, if you would like a policy with a higher face value and are reasonably health, it might make sense to consider undergoing a medical exam.

The Best No Exam Term Life Insurance Companies

There are a few different companies that offer no exam term life insurance. These are two popular companies to look into:

Assurity Life

  • Has been in the business for 120 years
  • Offers services to customers in 49 states and the District of Columbia
  • Has a strong, reliable backing
  • Will open some policies over the phone with a brief phone interview

Fidelity Life Assocation

  • Was established in 1896
  • Specializes in offering low-cost term life insurance
  • Is financially strong and reliable
  • Will open some policies over the phone with a brief phone interview

These are highly-trusted companies that offer no exam life insurance for a wide range of customers, and chances are good that you will find the policy that is right for you through one of these providers. Depending on your situation, however, there may be other options out there for you as well. The best way to determine all of your options is to use an insurance search engine like ours to explore all of your possibilities.

Tips for Finding Term Life with No Exam

If you want to buy insurance online, you need to start your search today. Wading through information about different types of policies and comparing prices can seem stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We have worked hard to make this information easily and readily available to you here at United Life Group, and you can use our simple search engine to find out about the different types of insurance policies that are available for you and your situation.

Since we work with some of the best no exam life insurance companies, you can feel secure while shopping for insurance with us. All of the companies that we work with are top-rated, and we are licensed to sell various types of life insurance across multiple states. This means that we can surely help you find the life insurance that you need to ensure that your final expenses are covered in the future and that your family is protected if something happens to you.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you find the policy that you are seeking, regardless of what your budget, age or health status might be:

  • Don’t settle for just one rate or policy; instead, type your ZIP code into the field at the top of this page to explore all of your possibilities. Comparing various rates and face values will help you find the option that is right for you.
  • If you are in good health, you should at least consider undergoing a medical exam. It will be covered at the insurance company’s expense, and you might find that you qualify for a better and lower-priced policy.
  • If you are a senior, smoker or diabetic, you might fear that there aren’t any good options out there for you. By shopping for life insurance through our easy-to-use search engine, however, you are sure to find that there are more possibilities than you think.
  • Even if none of the term life or whole life insurance policies that you find seem right for you, you shouldn’t give up. We are also licensed to sell burial insurance, which can be a reasonably-priced option for older seniors or those with health issues. Although the face values are generally a lot lower, burial insurance can still cover your final expenses without taking too much of a chunk out of your wallet in the meantime.

Following these tips and using our search feature will help you find the policy that you need, and you can even help your elderly parents and other loved ones to find the right life insurance options for them as well.

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